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Aug 11, 2018
Hey guys,

We're introducing VIP Supporters! You can become one from the upgrade page.

Becoming a VIP Supporter gives you the following perks:
  • Unique Username & Avatar Frame:
    • Choose between red, blue, yellow, and green. Upgrading will override your current rank color, no matter what it is. Look at the posts below to see the different types!
  • Name change:
    • Available immediately the first time you upgrade, and afterwards every 30 days (you need to be VIP Supporter to use the feature). Your name change will remain even after the upgrade expires.
  • Exclusive Subforum:
    • Visible only to members who become VIP Supporters.
  • Conversations:
    • Create conversations with up to 15 people total (up from the usual 5).
  • Rating Threads:
    • Delete your own threads in the Ratings subforum without restrictions.
  • No Ads:
    • Ads are shown to members under with 500 posts and to guests to help pay server costs. With VIP, you will be able to browse the site ad-free.
  • Signature:
    • Have more freedom with your signature by being allowed to use more text, images, emoji, and links, as well as a bigger font-size.

It's a completely optional feature, you can keep posting as always if you don't want it!
But there are a couple reasons for it to exist:

1) Name changes and thread deletion from ratings are very disruptive to the forum, which is why it's useful to put behind a small paywall so only people who really need them can do it. Imagine if anyone could change their names anytime, or indiscriminately delete big threads they created because they just felt like it. Things like these create a lot of chaos and make a lot of information and good discussion be lost forever.

2) Users sometimes offer up to hundreds of dollars in exchange for being given exceptions to rules (e.g., a bribe to get a name change). The VIP supporter role allows for a cheap and actually 'legal' way of getting a ton of quality-of-life features in one handy package.

3) It helps pay the servers and new content! Your support really means a lot. So thank you if you're considering it!

Get your VIP Supporter rank from the upgrade page!
(Currently we only accept crypto, but we're working on other methods.)
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