Serious What do you think of my gym routine ?



Sep 16, 2018
Im 195 cm tall so i don't really like working out muscle by muscle since im skinny.I go 3x per week.I start with
Bench Press
Sitting shoulder press
Sitting back rows
Biceps Curls
Triceps dips
Deadlifts at the end and then
Neck Curls + Abs till i burn them out and i want to be sore always the next day.I always warm up before working out and stretch and do push ups if i feel like doing them.
I workout around 40-50 mins.I want to gain strenght and muscle for soccer,since i will be meeting soon with some guy from the a club.If my soccer plan doesn't workout,i will change my routine.
Also i do posture exercises at home for like 10 mins. From this video+ some others based on what i need.
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Just roid
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u rot at home all day with the support of ur parents. i doubt u even lift. How can u be giving this advice

I rot with small breaks for sex which is basically ideal
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is this what you do every time you go to the gym? and are you progressively overloading in these lifts? and are you eating in a caloric surplus?
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I would have some lat pulldowns/pullups in there for back width and to get a v-taper. Maybe sub out the first 'dips' for them cause it seems like you have plenty of push exercises.
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Your only leg exercise is Deadlifts, and I doubt you do much volume on that compared to the rest of your body. You can either take out 1 or 2 of the upper body stuff and add Lunges to your routine, or add a 4th day for Squats and Lunges.
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