What feelings do you get when you watch this video?



Yo, old boy.
Aug 10, 2018
It's like 3rd day now I replay this video everyday because of how bizarre it is. What do you think of this and what feelings do you get? Is it over for them or incestmaxx shall continue? I kind of feel bad for em too but just lol.
One is like a clumsy drunk Russian gopnik
Another feels a bit normal doesn't even notice the camera and just eats his noodles
And third guy is like a big baby doesn't know what the fuck is happening around him, just stands there and exists
Pls discuss this video, they're truecel as fuck but I don't rly don't count in legit deformed people, they probably don't even know what pee pee is

Just imagine being them, born is some rural fuck knows where in China and u just exist

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