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Can you post some pictures for the trust fund/finance bro look?
"do you know who my father is" and "cover your drinks" in college + when he graduates and works at his fathers company aesthetic

obviously dont go overboard with the pastels but everybody in my frat basically dresses in pastel shorts and boat shoes 2/3 of the year
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IMG 2355
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(an opry pic to appease you autists)
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Sounds like lower quality women to me
Filthy rich Coachella going stunning 9/10's go for the RTT (roids, tats, tan) look with horrible graphic tees and shorts, until they are about 25-26 years old (for one night stands).

They don't give time of the day for guys in classic menswear.

The first summer frat look posted above by financebro is pretty close to that, just a cleaned up version of it
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Be honest with yourself. The second guy is going to be nearly matchless with prime women on any dating app.

The upper guy will get thousands of matches wearing nothing but a ripped t-shirt or nothing at all.

You can't compensate a lack of looks with clothes. It's a very bluepilled cope sold to young consumers by people with financial motives.

Clothes will enhance a good looking guy, but he will get thousands of matches regardless of what he is wearing because of his base looks.

The only way I was ever able to get a lot of matches was after several years of gym, PED's and plastic surgery.

I fell for the clothing cope in my early 20s. And that's ok, I consider it a learning process.
I spent ~$30k or more on designer clothes, including suits.
Your comparisons are inappropriate. Of course, the best style won't help you if you look like shit. But what is better? A good looking man in trash clothes or the same man well dressed? The same with perfume. No woman will find a man attractive just because he wears perfume. But an attractive man with a good smell is better than if he didn't wear perfume. All of these things are looks multipliers and not replacements for looks. You should still use them if you look reasonably good, why not? Wasted potential if not.

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Tans, wifebeaters, ripped jeans, graphic t shirts LOL. Everything I hate. I don't think that stuff helps. Most girls I know say they hate this exact type of clothing. I really wonder which girls you are targeting.
This is really a thing that varies by country. I love the aesthetic of an elegantly-dressed woman, but here in the USA, if you limited yourself to those kind of women, you'd essentially be a volcel, because they're rare (and in addition to that, they tend to be the neurotic, uptight, status-conscious career type that is miserable to be around). Among a lot of Europeans, that's just a normal way to dress. It's sad, but that's the reality here.
What they like is tans, wifebeaters, ripped jeans, shorts, graphic t-shirts, even caps (I refuse to wear caps and baseball hats :D )
The more of a fuckboy you look like and the more v-taper and muscle you show, the more they like you.
This look is fine, but I think going for a more specific aesthetic might be better, if you have a certain "type" of woman. Still, wearing suits everywhere just looks like a LARP because you stand out too much. If you have a genuinely nice and attractive suit, it's a flex to "accidentally" show up to a social occasion in it wtih an excuse ("I just back from a meeting" or whatever). Show that you can look good in a suit, but don't wear it all the time.

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