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How tf does that work?
Neuroscientists at the University of Wisconsin attached 256 sensors to the monk’s skull. When he meditated on compassion, the researchers were shocked to see that Ricard’s brian produces a level of gamma waves off the charts. He also demonstrated excessive activity in his brain’s left prefrontal cortex compared to its right counterpart, meaning he has an abnormally large capacity for happiness and a reduced propensity towards negativity


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You can't be happy without looks

Off course you can don't be delusional happiness is down to your neural transmitters things like drugs vedio games porn make you happy the reason it doesn't fufill you in the case of porn is the post nut clarity in terms of gaming it burns out cause your brain gets used to it and drugs burn you out due to over exposure to it so ultimately you can be happy but here is the other black pill even the length of your happiness is also down to your genetics as genetics decide how your neural transmitters respond to stimulai
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I don’t agree with everything in here but the sentiment I do. Even if you’re subhuman, it’s still possible to live a happy life.
Off course you can don't be delusional happiness is down to your neural transmitters things like drugs vedio games porn make you happy
I did this for 10+ years and I literally ended up in the hospital because of all the physical and mental stress it put my body through. Now I need antidepressants to function and can't drink alcohol or energy drinks ever again.

You are coping badly if you think there are any substitutes to natural sources of happiness.
Yes Chad’s (top 0.01%) brain circuitry is adapted to Stacy sucking his dick.

He does not feel the same stimuli that you (subhuman) would feel from it anymore.

And for every good stimuli he feels equivalent bad stimuli to balance it out, no matter his life.

This is called the hedonic treadmill.

That’s why lots of ‘em start using drugs or kill themselves in the slightest comedown.

The happiest chemically recorded man was some fat bald monk cuck on a mountain.

The Blackpill is another layer of truth to life but not life itself. Often distorted by mentally ill ostracized people with not much life experience.
This is the best post i've ever read.
bro was so whitepilled he roped
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Based pill bookmarked
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Where I live it's so fucking cold that I have to take warm showers to cool down my hypothermia after coming home
The white pill is what everyone who “already has success” takes.
You were born with the blue pill, you take the black pill, then the red pill, then white if you’re lucky enough.
Blows the blackpill out of the water
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