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Oct 29, 2022
Chain of Causation:
Ugly Looks -> Dead Personality -> No Friends group -> No Girlfriend
-> No Social Power -> No Career -> No Money -> No Ascension -> No Respect -> No Adventure
-> NO LIFE -> Rope

LINK 1: Ugly Looks -> Dead Personality

(1) as subhuman The amount of social slack you have is minimal.
Hence: Your behaviour is slowly restricted even without you realising it.
its a gradual process. One day a few years from now you will probably question
why tf am I such a socially anonymous abused dog and will not be able to pinpoint an exact
cause because of how slowly your Outer (social) personality was being
killed by the feedback loop between yourself and the people you interact with.
(2) People Instantly regard you with Disgust in general
(3) People Assume you have a bad personality
Hence: You unknowingly absorb the same misconception and eventually
it becomes reality.

(4) The General Feeling of Insecurity knowing you're ugly. Although this
can be conquered with a sufficiently strong spirit, but the points mentioned
above are those about which you have no control as they involve the feelings
of other people

Link 2: Ugly Personality -> No Friends
It's hard to make friends with abused dog syndrome and a deadened personality
simple. Being ugly doesn't help either.

Link 3: No Friends -> No Girlfriend
This is a cumulative link and the crux of the blackpill.
If you are ugly, no personality, and got no friends, it will be nearly
impossible to get a girlfriend. And, making friends is easier
than making a girlfriend, so if you cant do that you can't do this.

Link 4: No Girlfriend -> No Social Power
Another cumulative link.
If you're ugly, have a deadened social personality, no friends, no girlfriend
then its obvious you have ZERO social capital at all.

Link 5: No Social Power -> No Career
(1) You will very easily bomb interviews / "miss the mark" in connecting with the interviewer
due to spending so many developmental years as a social outcast
(2) Managerial Promotions from technical positions are reserved for those able to gain trust.
you're doomed as a technical worker, not NECESSARILY bad for elite jobs like software, medicine, engineers etc
(3) Customer service recruiters shit on ugly applicants anyway.
u ever seen a subhuman waiter at a good restaurant? i haven't and I live in pajeet central.
think about that. Normies running restaurants are just as blackpilled as us.

Link 6: No Career -> No Money
This link is obvious. Without being able to enter the job market properly
you just can't make enough money for any of your goals to come into fruition.
probably stuck at slightly underpaid software developer, AT BEST.
(you would be paid properly for your work if you weren't subhuman and socially inept)
Thats if ur
highIQ and academically excellent lmao.
otherwise get cleaning/ delivering
/ warehousing/ customer phone servicing lmao

Link 7: No Money -> No Ascension
you need money to do hardmaxxes, which you need as a subhuman as you looks problems run deeper than skin and hair.
you cant just wageslave regularly at shit jobs mentioned above because those jobs aer so low paying your PRIMES YEARS OF LIFE
(Teens to Mid Twenties) will already long gone and your blackpill will be replaced with an equally brutal agepill even if your looksmaxxing
plan goes perfectly. :feelsree: :feelsree: :feelsree:

Link 8: No Ascension -> No Adventure
Another cumulative link.
if you are ugly, have no friends, no girlfriend, no money to begin tearing at the root of these problems,
[I personally don't think there's a point in reviving your old social personality you had before abused dog syndrome set in, as a brutally ugly subhuman. I tried that in my late teens, got PTSD]
there is literally nothing fun to do in this life. lol. gaming, fantasy, fanfiction, literature, movies,
can never fill the void. and the shit you're fantasising about is literally the reality of non subhumans lol. :feelskek:

Link 9: No Adventure -> No respect
Another cumulative link.
be ugly, be friendless, be KHHV, be poor, never do anything adventurous:
you get zero respect even from your family

Link 10: No Respect -> No Life.
you are ugly, friendless, khhv, poor, never did anything exciting,
nobody respects you and, and thanks to being broke there is nothing you can do to Hardmax your subhumanity away.
what is there to live for.

Link 11: No Life -> Death
At this point, a lot of people decide to Rope / or just cling to their "existence" (not life) whilst trying not to
think about normal people with happy, adventurous fulfilling lives:
/ come to incel forums to take refuge in numbers. Out of these three "choices" thats the best one for me
i don't really want to turn my brain off to cope. Eventually you'll start thinking again, and reality will hit you like a sledgehammer.:feelsuhh:
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Dnr that essay
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I read all. Honestly true. Me personally, I have no friends, job, girlfriend, I smell bad, and I am a loser. I do not enjoy life.
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I read all. Honestly true. Me personally, I have no friends, job, girlfriend, I smell bad, and I am a loser. I do not enjoy life.
Do you need a hug my nigga
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read every word, true and BRTUAL
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Law of attraction
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Brutals loop
Heavily overlooking nt pill which is the main responsibility for all these things. Looks plays a role but nt is much bigger
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So true. Being ugly is a negative spiral. Every problem that is created by being ugly creates more problems which makes the initial problems worse. Negative feedback loop tings
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Its so fcking true man
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There is no ascension. Incel is for life.
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Stop being a pussy start becoming the rapist women think you are
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Heavily overlooking nt pill which is the main responsibility for all these things. Looks plays a role but nt is much bigger
"no!!! its all looks and genetics!!! " :feelsuhh:

I know the ugliest manlets super successful in business, social, and life...

Main factor was NT

No "NTpill" for "slaying" if you're below-average looks...

But for life in general, it mogs

I'd argue NTpill is very valid for LTRs off social circle and people who get married off it seem happy like half the time

(When they don't get cucked or divorce raped)
Don't entirely agree. I knew guys who were objectively ugly but still were outgoing and had friends, a social life, etc. The idea that being ugly automatically makes you a social outcast is just an autism cope. You'd have to be extremely hideous for this to happen.

Jfl even I went out with the guys sometimes and had some decent fun.

Looks mostly just matter for sexual relationships unless you are legit truecel tier ugly.
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You know why the smart kids at your school also tend to be attractive and extroverted. It's the same principle. Good genetic traits go together. It's the way of life.
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It doesnt

Youre 16

Leave the basement you goofy

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