Women think about sex more than incels.



Feb 21, 2019
Generally, like the topic title says, women think about sex more than incels yet society implies it’s only incels that thinks about sex.

Many women turn everything into sex, no matter what it is, even if it’s something innocent.

‘Netflix and chill’=‘Let’s fuck’.

‘Girls night out’=’Lets go out and dress all slutty in hopes chad notices and it leads to sex’.

‘I love travelling’=‘I like to travel across the world in hopes of getting chad’.

‘Going partying’=‘Going out in hopes to get sex with chad’.

‘I’m a gamer girl’=‘Notice me and have sex with me, gamer chad’.

‘I like to watch anime’=‘I’m so unique except not really, just trying to come across that way so I can impress you but have sex with me, anime loving chad’.

‘Do I look ok wearing this?’=‘Will wearing this make chad have sex with me?’

‘Just going over to my friends house, mom’=‘Just going over to have sex with chad’.
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Women are sexual fiends if and only if, it's for chads and Tyrones.
They aren't sexual beings for your average boneless receeding incel(aka average guy)
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