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Oct 3, 2018
Even if you argue that attraction isn't all about looks but also about intelligence, you are still saying that it is about looks since intelligence is a physically detectable display.

TLDR: Body symmetry is attractive because it displays physical developmental stability but also intellectual developmental stability.
"Just as body symmetry reveals developmental stability at the morphological level, general intelligence may reveal developmental stability at the level of brain development and cognitive functioning. These two forms of developmental stability may overlap by tapping into a general fitness factor. If so, then intellectual tests with higher g-loadings should show higher correlations with a composite measure of body symmetry. We tested this prediction in 78 young males by measuring their left–right symmetry at 10 body points, and by administering five cognitive tests with diverse g-loadings. As predicted, we found a significant relationship between each test’s rank order g-loading and its body symmetry association. We also found a substantial correlation between body symmetry and our most highly g-loaded test (Ravens Advanced Progressive Matrices). General intelligence is apparently a valid indicator of general developmental stability and heritable fitness, which may partly explain its social and sexual attractiveness."
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High IQ

If you don't have symmetry that means that you haven't developed correctly and even if 1 in a 1000 brain cells are fucked, you are low IQ
Ofcourse it is.
study done by college students on 78 individuals doesn't mean shit and it's completely invalid in real life.
Too lazy to read through it, what do they mean by body symmetry?
Mathieu coping with his destructive and tormentous high IQ.

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