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Feb 28, 2023

Role of androgens in erectile function

The integrity of structural and cellular components of the penis, and the veno-occlusive mechanism is essential for normal erectile function. It has been demonstrated that deprivation of testosterone results in apoptosis of cells from the cavernosal and spongiosal tissue. In animal experiments on castrated rats, the importance of testosterone in normalizing erectile function and nitric oxide synthetase activity has been demonstrated. Even an individual with low testosterone levels can achieve an erection. However, in elderly males, normal testosterone levels appear to be important for erection.

Unlike testosterone, DHT does not seem to affect the erectile function. DHT is a paracrine hormone exerting its action in the tissue of origin. The intact erectile function in the presence of low DHT levels in men with 5α- reductase enzyme deficiency and in men receiving finasteride, and restoration of erectile function in hypogonadal men in response to 7-alpha- methyl- 9-nortestosterone, a 5α-reductase-resistant androgen, suggests that conversion of testosterone to DHT is not necessary for penile erection.

Source: Finesteride Side Effect Studies Reviewed in this one paper

But if you're growing or under 21, stay away for 5AR Blockers unless your Dr. approves it after thorough discussion..

Pseudohermaphrodites (“Guevedoces”) of the Dominican Republic​

The pseudohermaphrodites of the Dominican Republic, having a congenital deficiency of 5AR Type 2, provided a model to confirm the DHT theory of prostate growth.14 In the isolated village where the mutation was discovered, approximately 2% of live births were males (46 XY karyotype), with apparent female genitalia at birth. These children were raised as girls until puberty. At that time, the microphallus developed into a functional penis (hence the name “guevedoce” or penis at 12), the normal testes descended into a developed scrotum, the body became muscular, the voice deepened, and a male psychosexual orientation evolve.

Throughout life after that, the stevedores are in most ways like the other males of the village except beard growth remains scanty, no acne occurs, the temporal hairline does not recede, and the prostate remains small.1 At about the same time, Walsh and colleagues26 co-discovered the syndrome in 2 siblings in Dallas. Later studies of the guevedoces as adults revealed that the prostate was rudimentary by MRI evaluation; a biopsy of the gland showed only stromal tissue, no epithelium, and serum PSA level was undetectable.4

Source: History of 5ar (learn about the role of DHT here)
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over for people taking fin at 18
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Is it safe to use them after 21? Or after 25 is better
after 25 is ideal and considered safe but I see a lot of guys online starting at 21, which I guess shouldn't be a problem as long u have your doctor involved

after 21 very insignificant male development happens, the only thing I would fear is problem in developing of a full beard which usually happens from mid to late 20s for a lot of men, but I'm too lazy to find data on it rn

I feel that at 21 its your call to decide between hair (which you're probably losing very fast if you have MPB in early 20s) vs potential unexpected growth in unexpected areas of ur body
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