[Method] Glasses maxxing

Wholesome BOI

Wholesome BOI

Sep 18, 2018
do you guys think that glasses could help improve how a face looks or not?
Ah im glad you asked. let me refer you to my good friend @JustChris glasses brought him up 10 points PSL
Glasses make your eyes look weak and cucky

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it depends on face, I have heard from other guys that I look better w/o glasses
If you have shit eyes then glasses can help hide. But generally the rule is if you look good without glasses you look good with. Just be good looking theory!
What glasses? sunglasses such as aviators boost me to an 8 psl since I have slight upper eyelight exposure and neutral canthal tilt
Let me tell you a weird little problem with glasses I discovered recently. I usually wear contacts but have started wearing my specs more often, and I've noticed that they bend the light in such a way that they angle the view of your eyes up slightly, so that although my upper lids are usually totally hidden by my brow bone, I can see a little upper lid when I have my glasses on. It's like I'm looking at my eyes from slightly below.

I don't know if it's just the prescription - I'm quite short sighted so have -4.00 in both eyes. Maybe it wouldn't happen with thinner lenses?

Also be aware that thicker lenses also bend the light from the sides as well, so that your temples look narrower. It's a weird effect. Having said that I think most people are used to seeing this view of people wearing glasses so it's probably not too much of a problem.
If you have good bone structure glasses will look good. If you look like a nerdy gamer then they won’t.
most people look better without glasses, but it depends. if you find a pair that fits your face really well, you might look better
Glasses with thick frames are a good way of hiding visible upper lids, I'd wager

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