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Jun 10, 2019
The idiot said in class that "people from the North of the US are whiter than in the south because the climate in the north is colder and it affects their genes"

JFL @ HIS IQ :lul::lul::lul::lul::lul::lul::lul::lul::lul::lul::lul::lul::lul::lul::lul::lul::lul::lul::lul::lul::lul::lul::lul::lul::lul::lul::lul::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelskek::feelshaha::feelskek::feelshaha::feelskek:

The english teacher apparently is also a brainlet for not correcting him and no one else in class cringed at what he said like I did.

I didn't want to unnecessarily make a scene in class and it would take some time to explain I didn't want to interrupt the class for that so I waited until the end of class and went to talk to him just to clarify things.

I told him: Man, what you said in class was so wrong. Nothing that happens to your body during your life affects your genes. For example, if you lose an arm due to an accident and then have a son. Your son wouldn't be any more likely to be born missing an arm than any other child. One thing has nothing to do with the other. Your genes have been set in stone from the very moment you were born and they never change no matter what you do, the environment may affect your body but never your genes.

He was like: no no no like.... what I meant is that it would take a lot of generations for it to happen

Me: no matter how many generations it wouldn't happen. Genetic changes in a population only happen if people who lack a specific gene that helps for survival die out and only those who have that gene survive and reproduce. That way the next generation will have more of that gene/trait in average. But it doesn't matter how much tan you get in your lifetime if you're white your kids will be white. Your genes will never change

Him: no no no Im not saying my gene changes, but my children's genes will change.

Me: dude, your kids genes are just your genes and your wives genes with some RANDOM mutations

Him: Still refused to believe me and said that "sometimes it is impossible to happen" :feelsuhh::feelsuhh::feelsuhh::feelsuhh::feelsuhh::feelsuhh::feelsuhh::feelsuhh::feelsuhh:

Me: the only way for that to be true is if dark people from the north were literally DYING because of their excess of melanin. And light skinned people from the South were literally DYING because they lack melanin. You're basically saying that the sun kills white people and that darker people die because of less sun exposure.

Oh and BTW just to clarify, we're not taking into consideration races and immigrants.

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