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Dec 2, 2018
So we've all seen this


We know how much testosterone can make an effect of perception. Ever since leaning out my face and masseterMaxing I've definitely noticed a lot more men trying to pick fights with me, but also a lot less friendzoning. However body is more achievable than face with soft lookmaxes like gymcelling or steroids

The important role of the body has been understated, lookist tend to be linearly focused on face. Which is to no surprise as this is a male dominated forum, and that's what men are biologically oriented to do . However females have a cohesive view of attraction where everything matters, and have everything attractive above average is more important then just having one things as 7+. Although not as important as face it can be combined with other things to be attractive. This correlates most with what I actually see attracting women IRL.

What I want to establish here is to correlate each face, and also establish the important parts of the body , and why.

All data for sizing was taken from 2012 anthropometric for US Personnel

In order of importance: Shoulders, Chest, Arms = Glutes, Forearms, Calves
In combination with healthy waist = >12% BF , but Ideally >10%

Honorable mention:

Traps- Should be big tall enough to reach the chin , to give illusion of shorter face ,but not gigantic. See difference between first example(steeve reeves) and second example (john ceena) . First could use some trap development second has ideal traps

Legs- Should be at least 23-25 inches some niche girls like big legs though

Now for the most imporant part of the male body

Shoulders - Training Shoulders can increase your frame from narrow - average, and from average to broad. Although your biacromial determines where you start, and how far you can go. The ratio's for shoulder circumference and shoulder breadth are the same. This is by far the most important part of the male body. It goes deep down to our roots as hunter gathers , and throwing spears and rocks at animals to kill them

Shoulder Circumference/Waist Circumference

Ideal ONS - 1.8-2.05
Ideal STR - 1.65-1.8
Ideal LTR - 1.65-1.4
Average Male -1.15-1.35

Example of Ideal ONS slayer for Shoulders


Look at how we've been lied to and BLUEPILLED the 1.8 - 2.05 range is a far cry from the 1.618 golden ratio that's been touted

Chest- Creates ideal taper from shoulders, and includes the power lat and rhomboid muscles from the back. It turns your T taper into a V taper

Ideal Chest (assuming 32 inch waist)

Ideal ONS - 47- 50 inches
Ideal STR - 44 - 47 inches
Ideal LTR - 41-44

Average male 36-40 (When Lean)

Example of Ideal ONS for Chest


Men evolved to hunt, and nature selected for men that could throw projectiles well. Which is why Football, Basketball and Baseball are so popular they go deep down to our primal drives, and is why shoulders is first. However arms are very important especially the upper arms for throwing projectiles and providing good harmony
between wide shoulders/chest

This measurement is absolute and irrespective of waist

Average Male - 14
Ideal LTR - 14.5-15.5
Ideal STR - 15.5 - 16.5
Ideal ONS - 17-19 maybe even up to 20 on stockier frames

Example of ONS Slayer



This may be surprise a lot of people, but glutes are very important. I remember when I was still working my shitty job at a supermarket There were these two brothers wtih PSL 5 and 6 faces respectively. I remember overhearing the girls and gay guys chuckling, until one of them asked " What do you like most about PSL 6 besides his face". They all said his ass, and that he looked like he could fuck.He was an average guy in build, but his ass was apparent in everything here wore. This wasn't the only time I heard something like this

The biology supports this as well. Your glutes along with your hamstrings support your lower lumbar, sacrum and coccyx part of your spine, by putting your hip in the optimal position

This is in ratio to waist (Hip/Waist)

Average Male - 1.06-1.10
Ideal LTR - 1.14-1.18
Ideal STR - 1.2-1.25
ONS - 1.26-1.29

Example of Ideal ONS for Glutes

Screen Shot 2018 12 08 at 71324 PM


Idk why, but they're attractive so train them

Average Male - 15.1-15.6
Ideal LTR - 15.6-16.1
Ideal STR - 16.3-16.8
Ideal ONS 16.9-18

Example of Slayer


Now that you have the right information
You are now informed
You are now in formation

Happy Looksmaxing
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Nothing about abs/adonis belt?
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Well thought out and good post. A lot of people neglect legs but I’ve had a lot of girls tell me my legs are big and girls like asses like we do.
The only thing I lack genetics wise is my calves and traps. I’ve been hitting them twice a week instead of once and have noticed more improvement though.
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High quality post. Body can halo you a lot when there's no significant difference between your face and your competitors'. Actually most girls can't rate a guy in a so detailed way like we're doing here, and that's why their first overall impression of your whole package is critically important. I'd say a 6/10 psl with jacked body would have more success in a club than a 7/10 psl with noodle arms.
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Nothing about abs/adonis belt?

A lot of how good your abs looks is gentetics (4pack vs 6pack vs 8pack, insertions, symmetrical)

The best you can do is be under 12% body fat, and training the other muscles you core will naturally be strong and you'll have a adonis belt like the dudes from 300

@Extra Chromosome Gay guy that started following my friend on IG
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I'll have ONS stats in every category by end of Dec, technically already do, just have to lose body fat.
the way foids operate is like going through a checklist and if you fail any single attribute, youre filtered out
- Depends on bf% you'd be surprised

- Wrong
@BeautifulBones As in losing size after cutting?
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the way foids operate is like going through a checklist and if you fail any single attribute, youre filtered out
Women aren't analysing machines like men. They just look at overall image, which we rationalized and separated so that we can understand the best way of improving yourself
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Do you support then going into a classical full body routine or a bro-split?

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