Height is separate from PSL and very important



Jun 8, 2021
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delphabot said:
My face is same PSL on this chart as my height, like I said I went from 5’9 to 6’1 years ago and became much more attractive to women immediately.
This doesn't necessarily prove anything. When I had severe acne during puberty and then my face cleared up at 16, all of a sudden I went from being treated like crap and having no female friends, to getting a little bit of interest and attention from females. Water = wet. You got more attractive, and you also got more girls interested in you. How do we know the difference wouldn't have been even bigger if you went up one and a half standard deviations in facial attractiveness as well?
delphabot said:
seem to value face more

girls 18+ start caring about height, I know so many girls who broke up with their high school sweetheart when they went to college because he was 5’8 and cute but they met a 6’1 and cute guy and they are more mature and preferred a “real man”. Height is one of the most dimorphic traits if not the most dimorphic even more than jawline
Were the 5'8" and 6'1" guys equally facially attractive? How TF could you know "so many girls" like this, 6'1" and 5 PSL (cute) is GIGARARE irl. Like top 5% at least, and I go to college, I almost never see guys like this. I don't know what sort of CHAD land people are living in on this forum where "Cute" 6'1' guys are some sort of abundant resource that any girl can LTR.

Anyway, I mostly agree with this thread actually, but I think you have to combine height + frame + muscles before it starts being equal to face.

I come from a very tall family...
I have a cousin who is 6'6" 4 PSl but he's a college basketball player, gymcelled, he has a legit Stacy GF. Another 6'4" cousin who's a swimmer so good physique, again, very hot girlfriend. But all of my male family members who are just normie face + tall don't seem to be slaying like crazy or getting Stacy. They seem to go through dry spells and have LTR with Beckys just like any other Normie.
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