How to increase stamina/endurance as much as possible?

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Aug 11, 2018
Don't just say "do cardio" give me tips on how much, what to eat, amount of rest, can you overtrain, etc.
Start one day by jogging around the nearest park. The First day dont go too hard.

Run every 3-4 days, but increase the distance and Time every Time.

Eventually tour stamina Will increase. There Is a point after you have been running for a while that your body gets used to it and you just move un autopilot and dont feel tired.

I used to do endurance but after some Months I changed to HIIT (sprintz) and I ike dit better.

However I stopped running around 5 Months go since I'm trying to get weight which I've achieved. My endurance still better than my friends . It really makes a difference. I'm also able to Rin at médium pace to a destination and manage my breath and stamina. It's like a game
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