Serious I'm going to begin PE



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Aug 21, 2018
I said I would some months ago (in .me) but I got caught in a lot of things and I couldn't do it, that's why I still have my Vaseline bottle.

So today I'll be starting a "casual" jelquing routine, I will shower, get it warm through aladin's bottle method (penis inside a bottle with hot water, vapor does the job and if not I can always warm it up with bidet or whatever, nor an issue), do 5 minutes of stretching and 10 to 15 minutes of jelquing (Shouldn't take more than 30 minutes in the bathroom, which is what I usually take but instead of sitting down and doing nothing I'll be PE'ing). Also I will be combining it with the infamous 7-day nofap cycle for maximum T gains (more T=more penor).

Hopefully this will work and I'll get to 7 inches before my year end's travel.

As for current stats (24/10/2018): 16.6x13.4 nbpel //6.5x5.3"
18.1 bpel (jfl at bpel) // 7.1"

I'll be updating this thread whenever I feel like it (minimum once a month obviously).

*DISCLAIMER: This is a simplified, casual routine taken from the newbie routine at I have chosen to do it casually for the fact that a lot of people seem to have followed an even more casual routine than this one I am doing and they got gains, also I don't have time to do all those exercises lol.

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