Quick Guide: Using Concealer to hide Dark Circles *without looking like you're wearing makeup*



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Sep 1, 2018
For this, you'll need three products. The first is a Concealer, preferably one that's a shade lighter than your actual skin tone. The second is translucent setting powder (more on this later), and finally you'll need a light brush. I'll link the products I use below.

1. Apply a very small amount of the concealer onto your finger, and drag it on the darkest part of your circle, moving outwards (towards the edge) of your eye. DON'T PULL YOUR SKIN DOWNWARDS, this could lead to further wrinkling.Staying within a cm of your lower eyelid, make sure to smooth and even it out. A thicker brush can help with this, but it's not required. Pic:

2. Check to make sure that you covered your desired area. Don't worry if it looks obvious, that'll be fixed in a second.
3. Dab your brush in the setting powder, and then blend across your desired area. This will make sure there are no distinct lines, and the powder will dull the color, making it look more natural.

You should be done. Give it a few minutes to dry, and then check again. If you're not happy with your work, use makeup remover to wash it off, and then try again.

Q: I still have wrinkles and/or my circles didn't go away. Why is this?
A: This will depend on the amount of concealer you use. Keep in mind that using more product will make it more obvious that you're wearing makeup. Chicks tend to use foundation as well, which helps them blend in the concealer really nicely to ensure a smooth transition.
Q: I don't want to use makeup/this is too much effort. What else could I try?
A: There are eye creams on the market which claim to help with dark circles, a good skincare routine and a solid sleep schedule will help the most IMO.

Edit: Products I use
Setting Powder: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0169YYC4K?psc=1&ref=yo_pop_mb_pd_title
Concealer: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0028P5SDO?psc=1&ref=yo_pop_mb_pd_title
Brush: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00WGDG7YC?psc=1&ref=yo_pop_mb_pd_title
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Looks like an unnecessary amount of effort for a 0.2 psl difference
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Looks like an unnecessary amount of effort for a 0.2 psl difference

In terms of time, it takes me about 60 seconds to do. You're correct though, it isn't a large change. But for those of us who just pulled an all nighter and want to look presentable, it's something to consider.
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My dark circles are bad I might use this
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