Venting The hardest pill to swallow is that there was nothing I could have done to win over my oneitis (1 Viewer)

Deleted member 209

Deleted member 209

Aug 25, 2018
It was always over. She rejected me in HS, she had deemed me unworthy of her virginity and love.

Then she showed some interest in college, I thought it had begun, still couldn't get her. i tried to manipulate her into sex, talk her into it, I thought I had done it but got cucked by her feelings in the end. The feelings that told her "Listen, you shouldn't fuck this guy, you don't like him".

I just couldn't do it. There was no trick to her. I really exhausted every approach with her, nothing worked. I was destined to not fuck her, destined to suffer, destined to feel the emptiness of not having her. It's over.
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Op just a haircut bro like prime gandy
Just take a shower, get a sexy haircut and some nice new shoes, preferably with lifts, or grow a few inches, lose any extra bodyfat, grow a big jaw and chin, fix your philtrum and midface ratio, give your eyes a positive canthal tilt, become rich and famous and you are set bro. Her feelings will def change for you then, your great personality will come shining through. Then you will see her one day at the grocery store, and she will go "blackopstruecell is that you!?" and she will be totally shocked and want to talk to you once she realizes what a great a personality you have.

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