[Method] You can't be happy on your own, but you can fake it

Deleted member 209

Deleted member 209

Aug 25, 2018
"Be happy on your own", "You don't need girls to be happy", "Love yourself", this is utter crap and it goes against our biology. We are programmed to have sex and feel happiness after cumming in a woman's pussy.

But, we are capable of training ourselves and adapting to situations. You can train yourself to act like a slayer, be cocky, lie about having girlfriends/FWBs, convince others that you are sexually successful. Sure, it's difficult, but it's achievable.

It's time to start practicing your acting skills, it's time to learn how to manipulate others. As a mal, you have to be able to go extremes in order to get what you want. How far will you go, is up to you.

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