(CHECK PFP) Why does my nose look sharper in certain pics, softer in others (end of nose), upturned in some, straight in others, length difference too

Which shape matches mine best

  • Short, upturned

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  • Snub

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  • Short and straight

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Jan 4, 2024
Title. can’t tell what shape my nose is or what it looks closest to. I feel as though it is a mix of snub, upturned, and straight but I can’t tell. That’s because it looks longer in some pics but in others look almost flat, sometimes the tip looks pointed, other times it looks some what rounded? And my bridge can’t tell if it’s straight or swooped either. It pisses me off bc my nose sometime looks nice n dainty other times gross n ethnic.

IN THE mirror it looks longer and straighter but I don’t know if I should trust my mirror or my camera more for a side profile pic. In the camera it makes more sense for my nose to look like that considering the front.

Which general shape looks more similar to you, I used mostly foid pics bc most men have more robust noses then me
1. Short, pointed upturned
IMG 3601

IMG 3612

IMG 3602
IMG 3603 IMG 3604 IMG 3606

3. Short and straight IMG 3607 IMG 3611 IMG 3605
Because of how different my nose looks for some reason I can’t tell which one is most similar. What would be more accurate looking in the mirror or camera,AND is back camera more accurate? Is that true or just cope? and I know nose puffiness in the morning is a factor for why it looks different in certain conditions.

ALSO: MINI RANT I don’t get why so many new gens on Tt keep simping for short noses regardless of the shape JFL must be mena foids who got looks mined from there nose because LONGER SHARPER nose is literally ideal, overly short nose looks Mongolic/negro and retarded


IMG 3610 IMG 3608 IMG 3609

SLIGHTLY high bridge, good projection, good tip projection, not overly bumpy NOT short bulldog noses smh


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Not as important tbh
Not as important tbh
It is to me because I can’t tell if my nose looks like a flat Asian/negro nose or a shorter version of a white female nose

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