Motivation ITT Post What Actions Would Make a Looksmaxxed Version of Yourself (and smv/life max for bonus)

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Aug 11, 2018

1) Lose as much bodyfat as possible, I am maybe at 25% or so body fat percentage. Ideally try to get down to at most 10% body fat percentage. More if I can. This would help me lose the bloat on my face, really bad on my cheeks. It would also sharpen my jawline, really improving my looks. I'll accomplish lowering my bodyfat through improving diet and doing cardio like a maniac everyday.

2) Whiten my brown teeth, fix my overbite, and straighten my teeth. Fixing the teeth can be done through surgical procedures, I don't which specifically but I ever get to it I'll know what to do. One of my biggest problems is my teeth. Besides that fixing the overbite would be apart of straightening up my teeth, but it would also make my chin appear less recessed and jaw look stronger.

3) Chin implant, if my chin still looks recessed after overbite surgery. Lookmaxxing 101, makes your whole lower third look better.

4) Nose job to fix my hook nose. Its the feature people comment on the most about my face. Wanna get a Leonardo DiCaprio nose

5) Skin care to fix blackheads, few pimples, freckles, and all around make my skin healthier. I think skincare, mostly the part about just making it healthier, is very underrated. It can give how new glow to your face. You would have to do things such as (quoted from a looksmaxxing guide):
For your face, get a cleanser, exfoliater, toner, and moisturizer. I recommend Kyoku For Men products - cheap and I'm constantly complimented on my skin. I also use their Lava face mask twice a week. I also have an eye cream that helps with my dark circles around my eyes that formed from years of staying up too damn late and playing too many games. I also use a concealer to cover that when I go out so it doesn't look like I'm a zombie - no shame - bitches use it, why can't we? (I will also do tear trough treatment for my case).

6) Get a tan. I'm pale as a vampire, this will help. Just go out in the sun for at least an hour shirtless everyday to look for results. I would also gain mood boost from doing it, sun is one of the best things for depression. If all else fails I can always rely on other methods to darken my skin.

7) Jelq to increase my dick size. Right now Im about 5 inches, average. If I were to looksmax I'd need to start jelqing because dick is important. After a few year you can expect to gain 2 inches for height, so I would be 7 inches, which is a good length. I don't know about girth but I'll also increase that through jelqing.

8) Get back to gymcelling. Cardio is already the case for number 1, and my frame is already pretty decent. But after getting down to low body fat I'll look to build even more muscle on me again. Low on priority, body fat is definitely more important for my case, but this can't hurt.

9) Dress optimally. I am only 5'8 so the way I dress is important in making me appear taller, I don't want to fraud my height or go through leg lengthening so this is my best bet. I'll also just get simple fitted clothing, no need to be all try-hard. Just reflect this guy

10) Fade/Undercut Haircut. For most guys, those haircuts are the best. Would be best to go to a stylist for this after getting to a good shape after the rest.

11) Drink more water. Help with leaning out / giving more lean look, helps with improving skin, etc. Important for looksmaxxing to drink tons of water.


1) Get the right drugs to treat my aspergers. I've heard about in some thread, certain drugs help you to think more like a NT person, which will cause you to act and talk more like a NT person. I hope to god this is not just some cope. I'm not talking illegal drugs, of course.

2) Locationmaxxing. Might go to SEA on day just to see if I can get a lay (I am white westerner). When it comes to marriage I'm MGTOW so I ain't looking for marriage. Probably won't live there permanently.

3) Gain sexual experince through hookers. Virginity, especially kissless, is a death sentence if over 18. Will have to lose it to hookers for multiple reasons. One it will be easier to "lie" that I am not a virgin if anyone ever questions it so they can't virgin shame. I would even know how the experience is like so I can explain that if they doubt it. Normies will respect me much much more for being a non-virgin, if I don't ever let out that it was a hooker instead of a hook-up with a girl in high school. Two if I ever get to fuck a girl for free I would know what to do. There have been cases of girls leaving guys right before having sex because they were virgin, or making a rape claim after finding out she was his first. There is a reason why every major religion says women are evil.

4) Low inhib max. I made a whole guide in and I think its very good. 19 whole points that are unique and effective. I am already decently low inhib though. A bunch of things on that list will also help me minimize depression.

5) Moneymax. Will get a mechanical engineer degree so will make very good money. Will also invest, I know alot about it and trust my ability. Moneymaxxing will make me happier and I would be able to get better cars, houses, etc and display greater status.

6) Normiemax. Besides drugs for aspergers and other things, I will try to be more NT through copying normies interests, behaviors, beliefs, etc. Will be painful, but the world hates those who are different.

7) May use dating sites where my smv is highest like "datinginAsia." But like I said, not interested in LTR's so I don't know if I wanna go that route since online dating is often betabux arena, outside of tinder.

Even if all of these won't make me ascend, it will definitely at least make normies more accepting of me.
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Wraparound shotgun implant.
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Nice plan, i should write one up as well. Mine is similar to yours as i imagine it would be for a lot of us. Mine would probably focus on mental health more though.
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i've already quite good looking. i have my shit together, and I'm at a great point in life. at this point i'm just here to get my secrets out and pick up some new tricks ive learned over the years.

that being said, people have this misconception that once youre looksmaxed you don't have to do anything anymore and you can live a carefree life. this is simply not true; in fact, you actually have to do more to keep looking good all the time (diet and exercise, posture and correct bite, stylemaxing, skinmaxing, etc.) It all takes time, and obviously it's worth it, but if you want to ascend, you should love the journey for the journey itself, not the final result, lest you slip back into subhumanity by slacking off
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good post op. Could you share your low inhibmaxxing guide please
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