Raising T levels and vocal volume discussion



Popo Crew
Aug 11, 2018
If we look at T levels in races and volume of voice/grunts (JFL at subhumans) then we can see thatloud races correlates with high T.

The loudest races are blacks/middle easteners (Muscular genetics/DHT game). Whites are moderately loud race and so have moderate T levels. Asians are very quiet, conserved and so are very low T (twink frame, weak DHT game, low musclemass, high pitch effeminate voice).
The correlation is undeniable.

Being louder in social conventions and public may raise T levels moderately (10-15%).

Chads take up volume physically (large frame) and vocally (volume and low pitch can vibrate atoms and show energy and strength and virility)

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- I don't think those differences between races are due to higher/lower levels of total testosterone but rather because of different sensitivity to testosterone
-Generally speaking you are correct, but there are always exceptions. Look at Mike Tyson and Ronnie Coleman for example. 2 big, scary ass nigguhs who have feminine voices (lol...)
-As with all other body traits (Penis, height, frame, hands, face, eyes, ), there's multiple factors which influence them. Especially in the prenatal environment. Some guys can have naturally elevated levels of testosterone, be very strong and aggressive, but also have high pitched voices. Lots of things can go wrong during development or during puberty. The vocal chords may not grow as long and as thick as they should have.
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