RELIGIONPILL is the ultimate pill



Feb 19, 2020
At least you have a goal and a purpose in life
Without faith lot of us would of kill themself.

I also believe that if we were to follow 100% islam since birth we will all peak our genetic potential, but we have failed because we've been far from Allah.

Because its known in islam :
-to sleep without pillow on your back and side (=posture)
-To Use siwak regulary (and when you do it your tongue naturally go on roof of the mouth=mewing)
-To Hunt (to dont make noise u have to nose breathe)
- Eat hard food and no sugar and all bullshit (mean lowbody fat + good mandible developement)

The Prophete ﷺ was known to have gape between his teeth which mean he surely have wide palate.

In Quran Allah says that we destroyed ourself and that is correct...

Religion pill > Blackpill
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Is that why they all look like disgusting inbreds?
no religion for ur subrodent face
Mashallah very good thread brother, may Allah give us all guidance/hidyat ameen.
Is that why they all look like disgusting inbreds?
This is wisdom from Allah for them to avoid fornication which is a great haram
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Laughing if troll thread.
Man there’s no point of this thread. This topic has been beaten over the head time and time again, there’s no point. It leads to the same place. No one changes their minds and giant flame wars happen
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Jfl laughing at not giving all u got
because youre gonna get mass of free virgins in paradise anyway
Its not. When you looksmax and after what happend? nothing u still be empty
The "religion pill" can be accepted only if you truly believe in it. As you said without any hope everyone would kill himself. It's hard for me to believe that there's a god over us whilst it's easier to believe that if you can fuck every girl you see, are accepted no matter what and so on you will have a fulfilling life. It's easier because you can test it with your own eyes. Jfl you're just coping because 0 hope of looksmaxxing

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