Guide Ultimate guide on how to get girls on Instagram

Any thoughts on how to cold dm chicks who are active on IG but never post or share stories? I usually react to stories to try to start conversations but some girls never give me anything to work with.

Also, did you find out about how to get likes on posts? I might have to just buy likes if people ignore my posts. The only way I can think of getting more likes is by dming hundreds of people to try to make friends with them, but that's so much effort and might not even work.
you could try to slide in the dms with an excuse for something

if you post a good quality post and follow the methods for getting followers you should have a decent amount of likes anyway
, Bruh am facially chadlite but am just 5'6so according to you I failed the step one, I have a private account will make it public and try what you said ..I will try my best
just focus on posting stuff where people cant see your entire body or compare your height to anything else in the picture
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But bruh I like to be genuine with my height, not insecure at all
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Stopped reading at “how to get girls”
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Jfl at this thread being considered the “best of the best”
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Jfl at this thread being considered the “best of the best”
Useless if you don't expensivecameramax, photographymax, editmax, photoshopmax first.
Assuming you have at least some years of socialmaxxing and looksmaxing effort, of course.
If you have a decent profile with decent following you can also nightclubmax and ask for girls accounts and creep up your way into social groups.
I posted this poem I wrote on my insta

photos with dog 🤡 🤡
what a cuck wtfff

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