Motivation Finding your celebrity lookalikes to set a goal



Aug 11, 2018
Today I was going through that ratings megathread and found this post, the user @Tricky came up with a celebrity pic (Steven Yeun) as a lookalike for him in a reply.

Most of us have no idea about our goal. A celebrity lookalike might give us some idea. Specially, in terms of hair/beard style, wardrobe etc. At least as a starter this will be really helpful, once we get an idea (or achieve it), then we can improvise from there.

So my idea is like this:

1. Let's have a thread like ratings megathread. Something like "lookalikes".
2. People will post their pics.
3. Other people will post celebrity pics that might look slightly like the original poster's pic.
4. The original poster can have an idea of how he might look like if he can looksmaxx.

This is useful because it's sometimes difficult to make sure who is my lookalike, may be I am thinking of someone, but actually my perception is not quite right. I think a third person should be the real judge.

I also think the point based system is not very helpful and they can be really erratic/vague. But setting a reference and working towards it is more practical. Moreover, celebrities are already accepted by the populace, so there is no loss if you look like one irrespective of your smv. I am sure your face will bring some appeal because of the entertainment industry/media halo.

What do you folks think?
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sounds awesome,i'll be the first to post my selfie jfl
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Yeah I'd post my pics there. I think I've found my niche but I'd be interested to see what you fuckers think
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